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Each lure is hand painted and handcrafted. I take great pride in each piece I create.


40 years experience as an artist. Vast knowledge base in using the best products to produce quality baits.


Has a passion and enthusiasm for the sport of fishing. Combining my skill set with my passion.

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Reveries of a SheAngler

  • Brandon Fink
    If you haven't tried She Angler you're missing out. The paint that Mel puts on these are unlike any other custom baits I've seen, and they flat out catch fish. It's a Win Win! -Brandon Fink
    Brandon Fink – Cabot, Arkansas
  • Tim Burris
    In honor of my 15 month old daughters fight with stage 3 cancer I wanted to get a few custom baits made. I contacted SheAngler Custom Baits with a drawing of the custom lure I wanted painted up in the colors of my daughter's cancer and the amazing lure I got in the mail yesterday took my breath away! I sent her a crude drawing and she created a Masterpiece!
    Tim Burris – Daphne, Alabama
  • Brian Carson
    If you’re looking for quality custom lures look no further than SheAngler Custom Baits. SheAngler can make that special bait with the pattern you’re looking for. Besides making awesome baits SheAngler is a great sponsor of Heroes On the Water. -Brian S. Carson, HOW-South Alabama Chapter Coordinator
    Brian Carson – Theodore, Alabama
  • Donnie Jones
    I absolutely love my SheAngler Custom Baits! Some of the finest looking baits on the market! Mel takes a lot of pride in her work and it definitely shows! I know she does some awesome custom colors, but it’s amazing to let her use her creativity, WOW!!!” BEAUTIFUL!!! These baits come with fantastic hooks, split rings, and bullet proof finish! I have fished my SB2.5SA “Wicked Kraw” D5 square bill for a couple months now and it still looks new! Bounced it off rocks and docks and had several bass chew on it, but she’s still looking good! I can’t wait to continue filling my tackle boxes with SheAngler Custom Baits and continue to REAP in those Big Bass!!!
    Donnie Jones – Kossuth, Mississippi
  • Dustin Tilley
    I ordered several custom baits less than 2 weeks before Father's Day Weekend & had them back in time to give them to my dad fo r Father's Day. I requested custom colors, had no pics to give for a blue print to work off of, & SheAngler nailed it! The subtle custom color fades & stripes on the top water baits were exactly what I asked for, the skirt colors in Reaper jigs are not something you'll find in a big box store & her attention to the small details on each & every lure that she builds is exactly why I will continue doing business with SheAngler for any of my tackle needs.
    Dustin Tilley – Ozark, Missouri
  • Garett Vanwie
    SheAngler baits are true works of art that the bass cannot resist. Put one on your line and put some bass in your boat.
    Garett VanWie – Hot Springs, Arkansas
  • Michael Acord
    I had been watching SheAngler put out different lures for a while. I decided to give her wakebait a try. My local store started carrying SheAngler Custom Baits and I got to go through the box as soon as they came in, I found the two I wanted the Lurch and the Bully. That weekend I went to the lake and tried out the Lurch the response was tremendous my first fish comes speeding out like a torpedo heading straight towards my lurch hits the bait so hard and the fight was on... First fish less than 5 mins after getting to my spot. I will always throw a SheAngler Custom Bait first, the colors and action are by far the best.
    Michael Acord – Malvern, Arkansas
We are currently updating our products, some of our baits may not show up. If you have any questions please contact us or visit our Facebook page. Thank you!